Thursday, July 14, 2016

Working Women

I am once again linking up with Kelly's Korner and talking about our real house.  This post is about as real as it gets!  Our house stays pretty tidy, but the offices are always filled with projects and papers and, well, office stuff!  I am trying embrace that these things have their own sort of beauty.  I do love the way a stack of art supplies looks--so full of possibilities.

If you read this post yesterday, you saw our masculine, old world office that was meant to be for my husband alone.  In reality, Mamma and girls sort of took over in there too.  Today,  I'm showing you what is supposed to be the girls' work space and art room. In each and every one of those bins are art supplies from paint to sand to sewing notions and do-dads.  This room features a craft table, oodles of storage and tons of Pinterest-worthy clever solutions.........

It is legit always a mess.  I just close the doors and hope guests don't see the piles of unfinished projects on the floor!
I tried to keep all the furniture clear and white to decrease the visual clutter of all the supplies.  It takes a lot of supplies to make all those clever crafts and well-styled soirees!

You can see that the backwall is a chalkboard with a magnetic strip and that there are hooks for backpacks.  I hope one day we actually do homework in here, but we mostly do it at the kitchen table only steps away!
The side wall, featuring the computer and all my cutting supplies, is always the most chaotic.  Notice the photography equipment on the floor! #real

Below is a shot from a day it was actually a bit cleaner.  You can see more about that and how I made the charging station here
Thanks for stopping by to our (100 percent) real home!!!!!

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Sherry said...

Wow! A dedicated craft space... Now there is a dream of mine! My stuff is scattered all over in lots of closets around the house right now. Sigh. Love it all!