Monday, February 23, 2015

Come to Order Monday: Quick Project and Goals Check-In

These are our 2015 goals (most of them have been articulated on this blog and are the reason for a particular series like "Come to Order Monday" or "What's Next Wednesday"). After two months, I am re-evaluating. I am patting myself on the back a wee bit (hooray for dramatic decrease in sugar, white flour, and soda consumption). I also recognize areas where I have veered off course both in real life and with my blog topics (did I ever do a post on savings? no, well that is because I didn't save anything yet).

Rather than getting super disappointed with my lack of progress (and subsequently just throwing in the towel), I am going to break my work into really small tasks. When enough of these are accomplished, I will be much closer to the overall goals. A perfect example of this is today's "Come to Order Monday," which focuses on just one problem drawer in my kitchen.

I would like to re-organize every nook and cranny in my kitchen and label everything using my silhouette machine. This would take loads of new storage bins, fridge coasters, and several days. Because I haven't had time to delve into that yet, I have avoided it altogether (except for one little paper goods drawer that was addressed as a tangent when I cleaned my laundry room here) . Truth be told, most of my kitchen is actually fairly well organized. I have loads of storage space, and it is pretty easy to keep everything grouped with like-items and neatly stowed away. The exception to this is the drawers that the kids can access--like the paper goods drawer above, which I am proud to say is still neat as a pin. Accordingly, I decided to just do one drawer today rather than tidying up areas that don't really need it.

This drawer holds seldom-used equipment (aprons, piping bags, push-pops, creme brule' cups, etc). We also have a lot of kids baking "stuff" that we have been gifted over the years in that drawer. My general thought is that the kids can use my equipment and learn to cook using the real things, but they prize these items. You can see that they do use them--so much so that the drawer has started to look like this:

I emptied it out and put 20 minutes on the oven clock. I have learned that allotting myself only small amounts of time on small projects helps to keep me on task.

At the conclusion of the 20 minutes, I had this:

There are no lovely bins, and I didn't whip out the vinyl. The drawer,however, functions again and I am inching towards my goal!

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