Monday, February 2, 2015

Spring in Our Steps or 6 More Weeks In Boots?

I have always intended to use this blog to show our clever crafts and fun celebrations. It just never happened for 6 years. I realize that I may never be able to do this all in chronological order. So, I am just gong to start here. This was our sweet breakfast this morning (and I do mean "sweet"). After having only small amounts of sugar all month, my kids should be pretty buzzed today.

Here is what the table looked like in the middle of the night. I set it after returning home from a Super Bowl party and before watching Downton!

In the morning I added these groundhog peanuts to Nabisco pinwheels.

I served pancakes and packed lunches. The groundhog cookies in the little bags are made from fudge-covered oreos, almond slivers,and candy eyes and noses. They were on Dixie Delights several years ago I made the whole pack and gave them to friends so we won't be tempted by having them in the house. I used edible ink to make the face on the whole wheat finger sandwiches.

My centerpiece is what is left of a beautiful terrarium given to me by a friend as a hostess gift long ago. The succulents died recently. We are replanting them later this week, but in the meantime, it made a perfect spot for this little paper groundhog.

The tablescape will stay up until dinner when we have winter squash stew and spring mix salad. See what I did there?! It looks like it is six more weeks after all--stay warm!

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