Friday, February 13, 2015

Jennifer of Knoxville: Southern Lady of Faith and Style!

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to tell you about my sweet friend from college, Jennifer. (We are 38--39 on the link was a typo)!

First and Foremost, Jennifer is a woman of faith. She is very involved at her church with the Women's ministry and in helping to lead worship. Her faith is the most important part of her life. This was was evident to me when we met as college sophomores; she was extremely involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and her home church. Though we are as different as can be, particularly in our faiths, she showed me such love. I will always look back on our college conversations as some of the most meaningful and influential talks on faith I have ever had.

Jennifer was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. She holds a bachelors degree in Social Work from UT (GO VOLS!). After college, her passion and faith took her to Middle Tennessee State University, where she served for Campus Crusade for Christ. Later, she lived in Russia before settling back home in Knoxville.

While faith has defined Jennifer's path and choices, there is also so much more to know about her. She is smart. We wrote a million papers together, and I can tell you she is so bright. She is also the most fun. She always had ideas for activities; I know she still does this because I always see her on Facebook running 5k's with her friends and road-tripping to conferences! She is beautiful and full of life. She is kind to everyone she meets.

Jennifer has impeccable style and taste in everything she does. She has always dressed beautifully. Even in college, she always looked like a million dollars (she had a knack for finding clothes that were affordable to a college student but were the highest fashion). Her homes have always been beautifully cared for and decorated. I know one day she is going to make the most perfect home and life for her family. Because of Jennifer's amazing style, it is no surprise that she ultimately decided to go to beauty school.
In 2011 she added business-woman to her impressive list of accomplishments. That year she opened her own salon and boutique. Of course, she has been successful at this too. She formed a tight-knit "family" with the women who work with her. That is just who she is--a person of substance who forms real and lasting relationships!

Jennifer's life is already full and fulfilling. She has 6 nieces and nephews that she adores. Between work, family and church she stays pretty busy. She is open to meeting a man with the same beliefs and values she hold so dear, though. If you know someone who would be good for her or you are someone, you can email her at:

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