Monday, February 9, 2015

Come to Order Monday

With this being a short week for my kids and Valentine's week, complete with class parties, I don't have time for a major organizational project. Of course, that doesn't mean I get out of having to do my regular activities! I am running way behind on the dreaded camp paperwork and figuring out the whole summer. In addition to a laundry list of other things, I am trying to figure that all out today. Last Friday, I realized that my Valentine's Day decor is a hot mess (worthy of it's own reorganization ). I have to sort through it before I even put it up. I know this doesn't seem like a necessity to anyone but me, but my kids have come to love the house swathed in pink and red one week a year. We are having an annual family dinner party on Saturday to mark the occasion. Obvi I want it pretty for that!! Once it is all up, I'll snap some pic's. We have already been begun celebrating even without our decor.

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