Friday, February 27, 2015

Dollar store baskets that look like a million bucks: Part 2

I am back with some more baskets today. Up next are my friend Courtney's baskets. Courtney's baskets are actually to thank some people who were extra helpful during her battle with breast cancer, which is why they are so plentiful. While she elected to fill the baskets with expensive gourmet goods, the baskets themselves were from the dollar store and were styled for little money. We began with $1 buckets, which we personalized with vinyl. I cut these on my Silhouette machine. You could do it with stickers easily, however, if you do not own one.

We separated her goodies into individual bags with labels. I started to cut these on the silhouette, but it was giving me fits (I have the original model and it may be nearing it's end). So, I free-handed these toppers instead:

To affix them, simply staple the back to the bag and then use a glue stick on the front (this way the staple won't show). Here they are arranged in the basket:

Finally, she made baskets for her nieces with traditional Purim cookies, known as Hamantaschen. She denoted the different flavors with tags made from a circle punch and a label maker (even though I have a fancy machine, sometimes it is nice to use old school supplies). You can easily make these at home:

Delivering these sweet baskets will certainly show the recipients how much Courtney appreciated their aid in her darkest hour! How's that for a Friendly Friday?

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Oh I love gift baskets, they are so much fun to make and the hunt to gather up various things is the best part! Yours look so cute!

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