Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's Next Wednesday (February revamp)

This is not a cop out, I swear, but I am indefinitely cancelling my What's Next (Workforce) Wednesday series. The reason is that I have already accomplished what I wanted to do this year, and gained clarity about what I don't want to do. For the rest of the year I will have a small (and I do mean small) partnership with my old work. I can't go into too many specifics because of the nature of the organization. I can say that I always loved that job because it was a great mix of my legal and social work degrees (both in terms of the social welfare system and not-for-profit management).

I supervised a group of highly-trained community volunteers to advocate for the best interest of children in foster care. While I was doing the legal work, they were doing the leg work and forging meaningful relationships with the kids. In turn I "fell in love with" so many of them. They were busy professionals donating their time and talents. I thrived off of their energy and truly loved getting to work with them. It is now my pleasure to announce that I am going to have a small role in shaping the next generation of volunteers as a trainer.

I will "work" teaching training a total of about 8 nights this year. This is just enough for me to earn and pay for my own continuing education credits and bar fees this year (if you are going to be a stay-at-home-attorney, the least you can do is pay for your own professional fees). I will also learn about the vast growth the organization has undergone since I last worked there. They, too, can see me. Perhaps in the far future after becoming re-acquainted with each other, there will be actual employment with them or someone else.

I plan to re-evaluate this all in the Fall. If and when I begin work again, I would like to chronicle those first few months of stepping back into the working world. For now, however, I feel like I have much to accomplish at home before looking for work elsewhere. There are household things to do and celebrations to orchestrate while my kids are still young enough to enjoy them. I want to sop up this Spring (when it ever gets here) and have a lazy summer. Quite frankly, I also need to get busy with my projects and organization in order to finish by the Fall. Accordingly, you can expect more organization, decor, teacher appreciation, and special celebrations on the blog on Wednesdays. It keeps me accountable to blog about that and it is much more fun to read!

Without further ado, I bid What's Next Wednesday adieu!

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