Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sweet Valentines

This week, I haven't posted because I wanted Jenn to be the star of the show (if you are a single, please check her out below)! Instead of a real Throwback Thursday, I am throwing it back to last week.

Here are a few quick, un-edited shots of our Valentine's decor! Every place imaginable in our house had a tea towel or hand towel emblazoned with hearts. I also put up some sweet decor in the dinning room:

The grown ups dined in there Saturday night (it was buffet so the table is only partially set), while the kids had a table in the kitchen:

I ended up serving a Brunch-for-dinner, as it was the best common denominator among lots of picky eaters. I made a side of salmon, bagel set-ups, heart-shaped bacon and heart fruit kebabs, but the star of the show was the whole wheat waffle bar with all the fixins:

And just for fun, here are all my sweethearts before our club's father daughter dance (note the peace and love banner in the background):

Tonight is our annual Favorite Things party that we give for the school auction, so I have oodles to do to pull it off. Its going to be cute! I will be back tomorrow with that and then back on track next week!

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