Friday, February 20, 2015

Favorite Things Party

Our PTO sells tickets to house parties with all of the proceeds benefiting the school. For the past several years, my friend Lauren and I have been the host of one such party, The Favorite Things Party. Even though the participants have technically bought tickets months before, we always send a reminder invitation. This year we went with a chalkboard theme:

While planning this year's soiree at Starbucks, Lauren leaned over to confide something to me. I thought it would be something seriously juicy. Instead the confession was, "I am not over mason jars yet." I laughed so hard because I am not over them either (Don't tell anyone, but I still like burlap and chevron too). I am from Tennessee and I have liked mason jars my whole life. I threw some in with our chalkboards for good measure.

The whole thing was seriously cute and, of course, I didn't take any pictures until my friend Becky reminded me. These are what I could get shooting around people :(. Trust me it was presh! I couldn't even get near the bar through the throng of thirsty moms, but I did get these of the chalkboard buffet:

Lauren and I can never figure out what to serve at the party. We had a full dinner once when no one ate at all. Another year, we adjusted to serve only dessert (and a few very close friends mentioned they missed the food). This year, after much thought, we served a simple menu of cheese, fruit, veggies with two dips (one healthy, the other not-so-much), chicken skewers, and light, fluffy glitter balls from a bakery in town. The display was over-sized and looked far more significant that what we actually served. Sticking with the chalkboard theme, we wrote everything out in chalk:

I am still sticking with a relatively whole food plan, and I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with anything that was leftover being in the house. Accordingly, we served seasoned popcorn in lieu of chips or crackers (there were a few Triskets were down by the cheese). I skipped the glitter balls :(.

I got these sweet french fry containers and the berry baskets at Micheal's in the 70% off Valentine's area. They were $ 1.38 for ten and don't look a bit Valentines-y to me!
Run and hoard some like me.

The bar was similarly-styled featuring beer, bubbles, red wine, white wine, nuts, and scattered candy bowls.

After an hour of socializing we began the game. Each participant presents her favorite item and then draws three names out of a hat. Those lucky three receive the gifts! By the end of the night everyone has three new goodies to enjoy (and a few inevitable trades take place, but its all in good fun). Here are the gifts all lined up before the game:

This year was our swan song as our oldest kids are transitioning to a new school next year (sadly elementary school is pretty short around these parts --we have a fifth grade center much to my dismay). I was a bit misty that this was the last one. Being at this school with these moms has been one of my favorite things!
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