Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Fancy Nancy 2008

Today I am throwing it back to July 2008 for my eldest daughter's 3rd Birthday Fancy Nancy Party. For anyone keeping track, this was 1.5 months after we moved into this house and just two weeks after the baby's first birthday housewarming. In those days, I was horrible about photographing party details, but I do have a few. Guests received invitations created on my beloved Mountaincow. Of course, there was clever language that I have no photographic evidence or memory of. I remember that the invites were addressed to Fancy Olivia, Fancy Will, etc., and that they called for fancy dress.

When they arrived, guests took "Fancy Photos with Granddaddy" in a Hollywood-style step and repeat. The birthday girl and I colored the backdrop together!

After their paparazzi moment, the kids went to the kitchen and art room to create fancy crowns and color (though most were already donning their own). I didn't picture this because of guests' privacy. When a critical mass of guests were in place, "Fancy Nancy" arrived. This is our beloved babysitter Susie who was a super-trooper during my kids pre-school parties. She now has a very serious job in DC!

Susie Fancy Nancy ushered the kids to our then unfinished (but spacious, new, and clean) basement. In hindsight, that was sort of tacky, but it was a great place to hold a large crowd. Nancy read her namesake book, while 30+ kids hung on her every word. When the book was over she announced that lunch was served and "opened" the room that I created out of purple pipe and drape. You can't see it here but the ceiling was strung with pink lantern party lights. A sign on the exterior matched the invites and read "frilly toothpicks do make sandwiches taste better."

Each guest found his or her seat by placecard before being served a fancy fruit parfait, butterfly-shaped sandwich with toothpick (of course), chocolate dipped pretzel wand, and I am sure some sort of vegetable. Then, of course, there was cake:

After lunch, we had a fun round of pin the fancy on Nancy's room and a good old-fashioned dance party!

This "formula" worked so well that I used it until just this year. If you went to my kids' parties, you could always expect a craft as guests gathered, an activity to bring the group together, and a game to keep the momentum up after the meal. It was always matching the theme of the party and always with cute signage, needless to say! Coincidentally it was while prepping for this party that I discovered the world of blogging. I fell head over heels for SippyCups . She no longer blogs after some twists and turns in her personal life, but it holds up. If you are looking for Southern Traditional Decorating, food inspiration, or swoon-worthy parties check her archives out!

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